Dry Eyes

☛ What is dry eye?
Dry eye is a condition in which people do not produce enough tears or good quality tears to keep their eyes moist, healthy and comfortable. This condition is known as dry eye.
☛ What are the causes of dry eye?
Dry eye develops either if there is lesser secretion of tears or there is greater evaporation of the tears as in conditions like computer vision syndrome. Sometimes it may be due to both factors. Some conditions where there is lesser secretion of tears include inflammatory diseases, auto – immune diseases, post radiation, neoplasm etc.
☛ What are the symptoms of dry eye?
The common symptoms that a patient with dry eye experiences are

  • Excessive tearing
  • Stinging or burning of the eyes
  • Scratchiness
  • Stringing mucus in the eyes
  • Excessive irritation
  • Discomfort while wearing contact lenses
  • Redness of the eyes especially towards the end of the day

 ☛ My doctors says that I have dry eye but i have lot of tearing many a times. Why?
It is infact a paradoxical response happening in a person with dry eyes. If adequate tears are not available to keep the eyes moise and wet enough, the eyes get irritated which sends distress signal to the brain. The brain in turn prompts the tear glands that make the tears (called the lacrimal glands) to release a large volume of tears overwhelming the tear draingage system as a temporary measure to ameliorate the symptoms. This cause the paradoxical symptom of watering in the eyes.
☛ How is dry eye treated?
The ophthalmologist will evaluate the cause of dry eyes and prescribe the necessary treatment for you. He will also give you certain advice on lifestyle modication to minimize dry eyes for worsening.
Dry eyes are treated with

  • Artificial tears which are similar to one’s own tears. They lubricate the eyes and keep the eyes moist
  • images-4Preservative free eyedrops are available for people who need to use artifical tears vey frequently. These eye drops do not cause any adverse effects attributed to the presence of preservatives like redness, irritation etc.
  • Some of the life syle modification a person should follow include
  1. avoid working in a warm room
  2. use of hair dryers, wind blowers
  3. direct exposur e to Air conditioner vent in cars/ office/ rooms
    avoid strong wind

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